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Through practical case scenarios to answer the questions listed below, participants will have a better understanding of how international trade operates; some common logistics problems encountered; and ways to tackle them.

1. What are the differences between a forwarder cargo receipt and a bill of lading? Can these transport documents protect shippers' benefits? Can a shipper transfer FCR to other parties or treat it as a negotiable document? Can a carrier release the cargo to a consignee against the FCR copy?
2. If the originals have not yet arrived but the bill of lading shows details of the named consignee, can the consignee collect the cargo by presenting a copy of the straight bill of lading in case of urgency?
3. If a carrier releases the cargoes against the copy of straight B/L, will the courts in the US and HK claim the carrier to be liable in this case?
4. What is the amount limitation on the cargo claims for sea and air carriers? In which scenario would the amount limitation be inapplicable and the cargo interest can claim the actual loss? Can the cargo interest use the claim amount to set off the freight payment under freight collect shipment?
5. What is the time limitation on legal proceedings if the cargo interest takes legal action against the carrier? How does the PRC maritime law interpret this time limitation clause? Are there any differences between the PRC maritime law and the international maritime law?
6. If a carrier charges a consignee for general average expenses when collecting the cargoes from a terminal, can the consignee reject to pay? Are there any amount limitations on these charges? What sort of action will the carrier take if the consignee rejects to settle these charges?
7. Can cargo interests pursue the carrier for all economic losses from cargo damage?
8. Case sharing and understanding the reasons for success and failure claims.


1. 承運人發出的運輸文件(Freight Forwarder Cargo Receipt)與提單(Bill of Lading)有甚麼分別?這些運輸單証對寄貨人有否保障?FCR又可否轉讓給其他人?如收貨人未有提交正本FCR,可否憑副本向承運人取得貨物?
2. 如提單上已清楚列明收貨人的資料,而該收貨人在未收到正本提單下,但急於取貨,可否以Straight B/L 副本向承運人提取貨物?
3. 美國及香港法院對承運人以記名提單副本放貨,會有什麼不同的處理?
4. 海空及多式聯運的承運人在處理運輸索賠中是否有最高限額?在什麼情況下承運人必須按貨主實際損失作出賠償,不能設有賠償上限?貨主可否利用承運人應賠償的金額來抵扣應付的運費?
5. 貨主應在什麼時限內展開法律訴訟?如超越此期限可否仍然提出訴訟?中國的海事法庭對此期限有否其他的演繹方法?
6. 如承運人向貨主徵收General Average Expense, 收貨人可否拒絕支付?此費用是否設有上限?船公司對拒付的貨主可採取什麼行動?
7. 貨主可否向承運人追討由貨物損失帶來的一切經濟損失?
8. 真實個案分享,瞭解其成功或失敗的原因。


Ir. Dr. Irene Poon (DBA, MBus, BBus, CMILT, MHKIE)
Irene is a logistics professional with over 20 years' experience in shipping and letter of credit operation for companies. She is a "Certified Logistician Trainer" and a "Certified Trainer of ITC International Purchasing and Supply Management". Irene is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong ("CMILT") and The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in Logistics and Transport ("MHKIE").



Date and Time

2016/07/13 14:30 to 17:30


Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre


Closed to media


Cathy Chan 
Tel: 28231282 
Fax: 28219582 
Email: cathy@chamber.org.hk


Members @ HK$700
Non-Members @ HK$900
This event accepts Chamber Coupon (terms and conditions)
Members enjoy 30% discount with BOC HKGCC VISA Card


- Bookings will only be confirmed with full payment, on a first-come-first-served basis.
- Substitution is allowed with advanced notice while walk-ins will normally not be accepted.
- Please note that the Chamber reserves the right to decline any booking or cancel the event without explanation. In any such instance, the event fee will be returned in full.
- There will be no refund for attendees cancelling or not showing up for the event unless the cancellation request is made in writing at least 7 days before the event, and in such cases the refund will be subjected to a 10% administration fee, or HK$100 deduction, whichever is higher.
- Members paying with their BOC HKGCC Visa Card will enjoy a 30% discount on their reservation. The discount is only applicable to the card holder, and does not extend to their guests. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with Chamber Coupons.
- The decision to accept or decline any bookings shall be at the sole discretion of the Chamber.

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